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EnTech Solutions / Media Coverage / 05.26.23
How to Get the Most From Electric Truck Charging Incentives Right Now
According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), electric medium- and heavy-duty trucks represented less than 0.3% of the total number of registrations for medium- and…
Faith Technologies / News Release / 08.14.20
Faith Technologies Receives First Place Award for Safety Excellence from NAWIC
Menasha, Wis. (Aug. 14, 2020) – Faith Technologies, an energy expert and national leader in electrical planning, engineering, design and installation, earned the first place 2020…
Excellerate / 08.12.20
Taking Hours Off the Job Site
As we continue to sift through the days of this current pandemic and look to the future of the industry, it will become vital for…
Excellerate / 07.22.20
4 Keys to Customer-Centered Product Design
Customer-centered design is a great process for design, providing confidence that your product will help its users accomplish their goals, leading to increased sales and…
Faith Technologies / News Release / 07.10.20
Faith Technologies Expands in Boise, Idaho
Boise, Idaho (May 29, 2020) – Faith Technologies, a leading electrical planning, engineering, design and installation contractor, has relocated to a larger office in Boise, Idaho. The…
Faith Technologies / News Release / 06.15.20
Faith Technologies Supports Reopening Businesses with Automated Body Temperature Scanning
Highly Accurate Temperature Reading Technology Scans 16 People at Once; Gives Results in Less Than One Second Menasha, Wis. (June 15, 2020) – Faith Technologies, an…
Excellerate / 06.15.20
Data Appreciation in Manufacturing
One of the major benefits of ERP systems is that they provide a wealth of data about operational performance that can quickly be queried, so…
Faith Technologies / News Release / 06.01.20
Faith Technologies’ Hirssig Named to 2020 Notable Women in Construction and Design
Menasha, Wis. (June 1, 2020) – Clare Hirssig, an electrical engineer at Faith Technologies, was named to the BizTimes Media 2020 Notable Women in Construction…